• The goji berry (also known as wolf berry) is a rich source of amino acids, vitamin C, and antioxidants and is now one of the superfoods. Grow in full sun and well-drained soil up to zone 4. Page 409
  • Turmeric is a delicious ingredient in curries. It is considered an excellent anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antioxidant. Grow this herb indoors in a container. See page 150
  • Try the recipe for an invigorating herbal facial scrub to clean and brighten your skin with calming and cleansing herbs. It takes just minutes to make and lasts up to 3 months. Page 376
  • Use rosemary sprigs as flavor-boosting skewers for grilling meats and vegetables. See page 331
Total Health with Nature's Most Powerful Herbs

Rodale’s 21st-Century Herbal shows you how easy it is to bring healing herbs into your life. Boost your health naturally, add beauty to your garden, flavor your favorite dishes, and more!

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Shorten a cold with garden thyme, violets, or wild mint!

Calm an upset stomach and nausea with ginger, sage, anise, or peppermint. Turn to page 309 for a fresh ginger tea recipe.

Help lower blood pressure with hibiscus, garlic, or ginseng.

Make a tea or choose a supplement to improve your symptoms. Page 347

Relieve joint pain with camphor, wintergreen, or evening primrose.

Calm skin irritations like athlete’s foot, poison ivy, and insect stings with oregano and calendula flowers. Find ointment instructions on page 347 to ease the itch.

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Make a fragrant and effective countertop cleaner with just 3 ingredients.
Pamper your skin with soothing natural soaps.
Safe, Nontoxic Cleaners

Safer “green” cleaning products are easy to make for a fraction of the cost of commercial products and with no harmful ingredients.

Make your own fresh-air laundry detergent that cleans as well as store-bought. Page 387

Add Delicious Flavor

Teas, cocktails, fruit and vegetable juices—almost any drink can be made even more flavorful with herbs. Turn to page 334 for recipes.

Herb butters are easy and add excitement to any meal! Mix finely chopped herbs in butter for a variety of flavors. Find delicious suggestions on page 328.

For Glowing Natural Beauty

Stimulate your senses with Zesty Peppermint Rosemary Soap! Find the easy recipe on page 387.

Keep skin looking vibrant with a homemade herbal facial! It is a gentle and effective way to cleanse. Turn to page 375 for step-by-step instructions.

Around The Garden

Plant flourishing gardens, whether you want herbs right outside your kitchen, a healing herb garden with medicinal plants, container herb gardens, or more!

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For nearly three decades, Dr. Michael J. Balick, one of the world’s foremost scientific experts on herbs, has studied the relationship between plants and people, working with traditional cultures in all climates and researching how cultures around the world incorporate plants in daily living, diet, and health.

He holds a Ph.D. in biology from Harvard University and is vice president for botanical science and director and philecology curator for the Institute of Economic Botany at The New York Botanical Garden.

“Delve into the wonderful topics in Rodale’s 21st-Century Herbal, and see for yourself the rich history and emerging understanding of herbs as ingredients in cuisine, as medicines, and as natural substances for cleaning and adding beauty to the home.” —Andrew Weil, MD
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